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About Us

Hearts & Minds is a place of friendships, community, inspired learning

Our Vision

For a well-rounded education, Hearts & Minds creates an environment which provides its children with a wide variety of learning opportunities.

During the formative years, a child must be inspired to develop confidence, ego, skills and abilities. Hearts & Minds educational philosophy emphasises child initiative and creativity along with the development of a natural sense of responsibility, discipline, love, trust, imagination and discovery. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to address the mental, physical and emotional needs of each individual child.

With such a unique environment in which to mature, Hearts & Minds offers parents the enjoyment of watching their son’s or daughter’s metamorphosis from a young impressionable child into a knowledgeable, confident and eager school student.

Our People

The staff at Hearts & Minds shares a commitment to provide the very best in care and age-appropriate education in a safe, secure and comfortable environment. Each teacher is certified in the field of early childhood education.  These dedicated professionals expertly administer a curriculum that is considered one of the area’s highest quality programs. Each teacher maintains a high level of professional knowledge, investing in continuing education programs in order to consistently deliver the very best care and education experience available.


We are always looking for our next Educational Leaders who share the vision of Hearts & Minds.

Our Centres offer industry leading education and care within inspiring learning spaces.  We believe that it is not a ‘one size fits all approach’, and that we need to explore and test different methods to spark a love of learning inside and outside of the classroom. Why? Because at Hearts & Minds, we put children first.

When choosing Educators, Hearts & Minds always looks for instinctive carers and open-minded pioneers looking for more effective ways to inspire every element of a child’s learning process.

If you feel like you would be a great addition to our Hearts & Minds Family, please apply by e-mailing us at  Submitting a Cover Letter is optional, however highly encouraged.